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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Printing Blocks: A Flower and a Leaf

I recently cut the two new pictured stamps using Speedball Speedy Cut Printing Blocks and Speedball cutting tools. The blocks are made from a rubber-like material and very easy to cut into, expecially compared to linoleum block cutting that I remember from high school. I started with some quick drawings in my sketchbook and when I came up with the design that I liked, I traced it onto a sheet of tracing paper with a soft pencil. I then flipped my drawing over onto the surface of the rubber block and tranfered the drawing onto the block by going over my pencil lines with a pen. It gave me more control over my image. After making some practice prints I decided that my leaf looked more like a tree, so I printed a mini forest. I've been using the stamps to print the back of my envelopes when I mail out an Etsy order.
As you can see, I used an ink pad instead of a brayer and printing ink.

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I like it very much