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Friday, December 2, 2011

Jumping Jacks

Here's the "brigade" (the prompt for Illustration Friday)of jumping jacks that I've been busy assembling today. I hadn't made any of these for a long time, but back in March when the prompt was "toy" I posted a rather well worn jumping jack that I had made for my son. I decided to try and improve upon that one a bit and did this little girl (we call her Petunia) using pastel pencils and laser printed her on card stock. Maybe I should rename them Jumping Petunias.

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Diana Evans said...

oh what a super fun paper doll!!!! wonderful work Vicki!!!!

wishing you a wonderful day!!!! and I hope you will pop in for Sweet Saturdays!!!

Indigene said...

These are so cool! Now who wouldn't love those outfits! :) Loving them!

cathyjune said...

Love the PJs! Very original jumping jacks.

Melissa Mackie said...

Love the pattern in the pj's . So cute!!!

Nicky Linzey said...

I agree, I'd love a pair of PJs like this!

Amanda Dilworth said...

cute, love the PJs