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Monday, November 10, 2014

More Christmas

All of these cards evoke special holiday memories for me. The original art is done with pastel chalks. Ice skating is one of my favorite winter outdoor activities. When I was little they flooded the tennis courts at a country club that was not far from our house and I can remember going with my friend Jan. Much later, when we were both living in NYC, we would meet in the evenings at the rink in Central Park to skate. Now that I'm back in a more rural setting we do have a couple outdoor ponds nearby, but it's difficult to get the right combination of cold and no snow. When our son was in first and second grade we had a couple good skating seasons so that he could fool around with a hockey stick and puck on the pond at our neighbor's dairy farm. Skating outdoors is so much more pleasurable than being in a rink.

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