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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Sending Christmas Cards

I was listening to a piece on NPR the other day on the topic of technology and how it has changed Christmas. Apparently kids now text their lists to Santa. One of the changes mentioned was that we no longer need to send cards since everyone seems to be connected on Facebook. The tech journalist being interviewed suggested that this was a positive change for the environment since cards were only produced to be thrown in the trash. Really?!! That's the best anyone can offer for helping the environment when the whole Christmas season seems to be about over-consumption and buying what we don't really need. Look at the waste that is generated just when you walk around your supermarket. Just the other day I was in line behind a woman that had just purchased her lunch from the salad bar. She had three of those plastic suitcase like containers each holding a minuscule amount of food.


Naturally I understand that there are many practical reasons for not wanting to send cards. People don't have the time and postage is expensive. However I love to send cards, usually ones that I have illustrated, and invariably, every year I save my favorites. What could be better than receiving a little piece of art in the mail that is reflective of your sensibilities?


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