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Friday, March 15, 2013

Eye Glasses for Illustration Friday

Eye glasses have all sorts of connotations for me. This winter I have been trying to do at least one drawing from life each day and frequently wind up drawing myself in the full length mirror that sits on the floor in my studio. I may use a sketchbook or pick up a piece of scrap paper from the floor. The point is to not be too precious about the whole thing. Even though the self portraits frequently don't even bear much resemblance to me, the one thing that remains a constant are the shape of my glasses. They are the starting point that I use for the drawing. As I get older, I can't see as well as I used to close up with either contacts or glasses. When I draw myself, the image in the mirror is clear, but the page in front of me is slightly out of focus. It's easier to be a bit looser with my drawing when it is a bit of a blur.


michele said...

Nice life drawings- Your disciplined approach is admirable! And after "a certain age," I think we can all empathize with you on those "close ups!" ;o)

Linda Hensley said...

I figure that blurry vision as we get older is a kindness to us so we'll quit looking at wrinkles and such. Nice drawings!

Shirley said...

Great life-drawing sketches, Vicki! That is HARD to do! And you inspire me to try this. I love that you start with your cool glasses. : ) I recently have been wearing a pair of tortoise shell glasses - which I've always wanted to wear but since I don't have a bridge, I've never been able it's been super. : ) Nothing like enjoying your glasses! But, I hear close vision is not the same anymore (boo!).

I am off to check out your etsy shop again..super cool of you to contribute in your last post. I hope you have a super week ahead and many thanks for your kind visit recently!

jennifer said...

Very nice drawings, I love that you do one every day. Lots of discipline there! I can't see as well now either, there's a nice softness on everything.

Nicky Linzey said...

These are wonderful drawings Vicki, so hard to do and I admire you for doing one a day. My vision is the same - if I can see what I'm drawing then I can't see the page and vice versa ... very frustrating!