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Monday, September 10, 2012

the fox and the owl

The IF prompt is "Imagination". What better way to let your imagination run free than to don a mask. Print available here.
Illustrator Linda Hensley passed along this award and I thank her kindly! Linda writes insightful posts about the creative process that are accompanied by delightful examples of her own work. I am passing this award along to several bloggers that encourage creativity and imagination in children or captivate the child within each of us through their own imagery. Mushroom Tender, Art for Small Hands, Touch the Music, and arte a scuola. One illustrator, two amazing art educators and one musician/educator!


Shirley said...

BEAUTIFUL masks, Vicki! What a gorgeous concept for the prompt..your illustrations always are beautifully composed and executed. Congrats on the wonderful award..I do love Linda's posts and illustrations..she always makes me ponder. : ) I hope you've been well and I completely appreciate your kind visit today!!

michele said...

Your masks would be a wonderful way to flex a creative imagination! Congratulations on receiving this blogging award! And what a surprise it was to discover you passed it on to me- Thank you! :o)

Nicky Linzey said...

Love your new header Vicki